Change8 plans five-year growth strategy

Our directors took a deep dive into Change8’s progress and growth plans at their second Strategy Day.

Meeting in Manchester in late July, the get-together was a chance for the team to review what the business had achieved so far – and how to keep moving forward.

By the end of the day, they had a five-year growth strategy in place.

Who was there?

Our founding directors: Holly Rascagneres, Jonty Abbott, Jon Allen, Rohana Nagodavithana, Louise Pipe and Will Newham.

Making an impact on the IFS market

Starting the day at the Greater Manchester Chamber, everyone agreed Change8 had made a big impact on the IFS industry despite only launching last year.

Jonty Abbott, Operations & Client Services Director, said: “The business is off to a flying start – and we’re not even going through the gears yet.

“We’ve tested the market and we know our offering resonates with people. We’re building our client business, and we’re just scratching the surface of our potential. So, we’re excited to see how Change8 will continue to grow and develop. We want to keep up the momentum we’ve worked hard to build.”

Change management: the key to successful IFS implementation

Change8 was formed in 2021 by long-term partners Gtech Group and Fluid to combine IFS delivery with whole business improvement.

This core part of the business was a key focus for the Strategy Day, where the directors reiterated their belief in the importance of change management in successful IFS ERP implementations.

Jonty said: “IFS’s current partners focus more on system implementation – and not the business change that’s needed to make it successful. But at Change8 we specialise in business change and system delivery.”

Our five pillars

At the event the team firmed up Change8’s five core offers for clients:

  • IFS Cloud (IFS Project)
  • Service & Support
  • IFS Experts
  • Edge Technologies
  • Review/Reactivate

(Watch this space for more on our five pillars.)

Opportunities and potential in the IFS sector

Jonty said: “Our team is geographically spread out, and that’s why we value these opportunities to meet in person, share ideas and get clarity on our business aims. We love working closely as a team and getting to know each other better.”

The directors rounded off their get-together with a meal at Australasia in the city’s Spinningfields district.

Holly Rascagneres, Founder & Managing Director, added: “We’re excited about the opportunities and potential for Change8 in the IFS market. And we’re thrilled with the team we’re assembling and what they’re already achieving. We can’t wait to build on this momentum and make an even bigger impact on the sector.”

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