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IFS ERP service delivery by

people who know how to

achieve capability in the system

Work with us to stabilise and optimise your IFS
ERP product and equip your team for
continuous improvement.


You’re designing a strategic programme to empower your company to do more and do it better. It’s a big responsibility.

We can support you with everything we’ve learned from hundreds of ERP implementations.

We’ll help you build a framework to deliver the business value.



Your strategic ERP programme needs a capable delivery team.

We can support you with business change, project, and test management, functional IFS consultancy, technical development and service transition and support.

We’ll help you mitigate risk, apply best practice and ensure IFS adoption by the whole business.


Your ERP product will continue to evolve with your business.

We can help you stabilise the service and transition to an optimal operating model.

We’ll build your internal knowledge capability, and enhance your customer and employee experience with the ERP product.


Move to Cloud

Change8 delivers UK’s first
IFS Cloud

Change8 re-activated a project to upgrade from IFS 7.5 to Cloud for a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial parts.

The team successfully implemented IFS Cloud within eight months and the client achieved a stable state within a week of go-live.

Your strategic ERP programme needs a capable delivery team.

There are plenty of partners who can help you implement the system. We know it takes more, because systems don’t change businesses, people do.

Work with us to turn your ERP implementation into a talent development programme.

Project Delivery Management

We’ve put everything we’ve learned from hundreds of IFS implementations into the Change8 project methodology.

Change Management

ERP implementations are complex and evolving projects with daily demands. We support the project manager to know when to compromise and when to hold the line.

Functional System Configuration

Maximising the use of standard functionality is a solution priority.

Balancing the risk and impact of customisations with business benefits requires a blend of industry know-how and IFS consulting experience.

We have expertise across a diverse industry footprint covering all IFS modules to help you choose the right blend of standard and bespoke changes for your business.


Your data is the most recognisable element of the new system to your end users.

Your Data strategy includes cleaning data, transforming it and migrating it for use in development, testing, training and to go live.

Planning your data strategy is integral to your success. We can lead you on an effective strategy.

Systems and User Testing

System testing will ensure the solution functionally holds together. User testing will confirm the business are ready to run your business on the new system. Both will ensure that the target solution is fit for purpose.

Planning and readiness for each level can be the difference between effective and poor testing. We can lead the planning, execution and analysis of each test phase ensuring system readiness for go live.

Review and Roadmap

We begin by asking questions and listening for meaning. We’ll learn about your unique business, your current position, and your goals. This is step zero, to ensure all the time, effort and investment is utilised in the best possible way.

We’ll review your framework for delivering product value, business processes and assess your IFS knowledge, product usage and training needs.

Programme Assurance

IFS ERP implementations are high-pressure environments with daily compromises over competing priorities. The role of programme assurance is to provide best practice governance and drive accountability in the business as well as the ERP project.

Systems Analysis for CRIMs

Customisations, Reporting, Integration and Migration are a critical element of your programme deliver.

Where there are gaps between business requirements and standard functionality, CRIM design and delivery is critical to maintaining a fit-for-purpose solution.

We can lead you through the design and specification process ensuing clarity of requirement for onward development.

CRIM Development

The extensibility of IFS is a strength when customisations are developed to a high standard.

Our team of technical experts build robust extensions that meet the business need for specific functionality.
Bringing expert knowledge of IFS design and framework, plus best practice in version control and deployment management we’ll ensure seamless blend of standard and bespoke functionality.

Our Service Transition Capabilities

The design and delivery of training plans maximises the uptake of new system processes and decreases the need for support in the critical early days. Where gaps remain, risks to business as usual can be mitigated with early life support.

How prepared you are for the time immediately after go live is critical to the overall success of the programme.
We’ll ensure your team are ready, prepared for any challenges and return quickly to stability and predictability.

The art of IFS ERP programme assurance: when to compromise and when to hold the line

IFS ERP implementations are complex projects with competing demands made daily on project managers. The role of programme assurance is often seen as standing over the project manager to make sure they’re doing it right.The team successfully implemented IFS Cloud within eight months and the client achieved a stable state within a week of go-live.

From The Team

IFS Apps 9: upgrade to Cloud or go to Apps 10 first?

Lots of IFS customers are considering the move to Cloud. For customers of Apps 9 there’s been a question over whether to move to Apps 10 first, to get used to the new look and feel of Aurena before the bigger move to Cloud.

What is the capability shock in IFS ERP projects?

The J curve explains the capability shock of IFS ERP implementations.  It’s a useful tool for ERP leaders to understand the process and manage both the board’s expectations and wider business communications.  

Good service delivery is critical to your IFS ERP project

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system like IFS is wide-reaching and you need a strong service delivery function to underpin it.
That means getting the right people involved early in the programme that implements the ERP.

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