Harvey Water Softeners get £1m+ in business benefit from Change8 IFS solution

Tony Jones is an experienced General Manager skilled at building and leading teams that over-deliver against business objectives and customer satisfaction.  

Change8 delivered results for Harvey Water Softeners (HWS) in five months from analysis to resolution, including improvements to business processes and IFS training for HWS employees. They freed up £1m+ in blocked orders and helped HWS build a confident business team of IFS users. 

“We’d worked with other IFS partners and had lots of advice but no improvements. Change8 partnered with us to deliver tangible benefits that demonstrably moved the business forward, improving the team morale, the reputation of IFS in the company, and the bottom line. 

“Before we worked with Change8 I would have scored IFS two out of ten. Now I’m scoring it seven out of ten.”

Tony Jones, General Manager Harvey Water Softeners

In 2021 HWS implemented IFS Apps 10. They have c.150 IFS users in the UK, handling operations through IFS modules on sales, finance, procurement and warehouse management.  

 In May 2023 the company engaged Change8 to resolve ongoing issues related to data handling and software integrations via Boomi. Change8 conducted system analysis, workshops and sessions with IFS users, working remotely and on-site with HWS.  

The Change8 team identified the root causes and a prioritised set of actionable fixes.  They created lobbies for data dashboards and delivered training sessions to enhance the process and system efficiency. They established HWS super users, process and governance and ensured the knowledge transfer was successful and embedded into BAU activity.  

In five months HWS had built their self-sufficiency, optimising IFS to deliver the full value in the ERP system.  

“Change8 is a good partner”.

Lex Rooiman, IT Senior Director

Harvey Water Softeners, a Culligan company, is the UK’s number 1 water softener manufacturer and supplier. The business began as a one-man operation in 1978 and has grown to a team of 250+ who oversee the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of every unit. Harvey Water Softeners is an official member of Made in Britain campaign, in recognition of their efforts to promote excellence in research and development for British manufacturing.  

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