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When you’re planning the move to IFS Cloud, you’re embarking on a project that will transform the whole business.

You’ll have a set of strategic goals for the business to achieve, and a plan for how the new functionality in IFS Cloud will address the business’ opportunities and challenges.

You’ll empower people with new technical capabilities that will change their ways of working.

ERP implementations are tough.

We produced this guide to help you ask all the right questions, formulate your strategies, and make your narrative compelling and memorable.

Change8 has profound experience and expertise in implementing IFS Cloud.

This is what we know about planning the move.


Foreword from the MD
Who this is for

Section 1 What is IFS Cloud?

  • IFS Cloud is not Apps 11
  • What does evergreen really mean?
  • IFS support service – explained
  • IFS timeline of support service availability

Section 2 The Case for Change

  • Are you getting the best out of your current IFS product?
  • Building the case for change
  • How to establish the business benefits

Section 3 Understanding the Impact on People

  • People, process, technology
  • Business process mapping
  • Building your essential IFS Cloud team
  • Common thinking mistakes
  • Managing change

Section 4 Choosing a route to IFS Cloud

  • Technical uplift vs Re-implementation
  • Benefits and challenges
  • When technical uplift is a good idea
  • When re-implementation is a good idea
  • Upgrade readiness assessment
  • Overview of hosting options

Section 5 De-risking the move to IFS Cloud

  • How to de-risk your implementation
  • CRIM consolidation and preparation
  • Service Transition
  • Good questions to ask about release management, application management and service delivery

From The Team

IFS Apps 9: upgrade to Cloud or go to Apps 10 first?

Lots of IFS customers are considering the move to Cloud. For customers of Apps 9 there’s been a question over whether to move to Apps 10 first, to get used to the new look and feel of Aurena before the bigger move to Cloud.

What is the capability shock in IFS ERP projects?

The J curve explains the capability shock of IFS ERP implementations.  It’s a useful tool for ERP leaders to understand the process and manage both the board’s expectations and wider business communications.  

Good service delivery is critical to your IFS ERP project

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system like IFS is wide-reaching and you need a strong service delivery function to underpin it.
That means getting the right people involved early in the programme that implements the ERP.

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