We are here to
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the Change8 way

Change8 provides a flexible and tailored service that will take you from business change identification through product selection and system implementation to benefit realisation and continued return on investment.

More than just Delivery

Traditional systems implementations focus on getting the new system live (and leave you to realise the value).

At Change8 we’ll deliver the IFS ERP implementation and all the business value it was selected to provide.

ID the benefits and prime the business by providing a framework for delivering value.​

Onboard team and capture detailed processes to facilitate decisions about product vs process changes. IFS product implementation with regular testing to ensure value is realised. Team support for early system adoption and new ways of working.

Stabilise the new landscape, responsive advice and guidance on issue resolution, back up support for priority fixes. ​

Scan the horizon, increase your capability and maintain currency as emerging technology opportunities arise. Continue leveraging the return on investment. ​

Change 8 acts entirely on your behalf:​

  • Honest independent objective advice​
  • No loyalty to IFS or IFS Partners​
  • Working as part of your team with only your interests in mind​
  • Keeping IFS Partner and IFS transparent​ ​​

Delivered the Change8 way

We focus on whole business improvement and the return on investment.

At Change8 we deliver the IFS ERP implementation and the business value it was selected to provide.

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