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tech delivery

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Technical and CRIM
delivery is a critical part
of your project, and an
ongoing critical part of
your product lifecycle.

There will always be changes and opportunities to better leverage the IFS product which would require technical changes to support them.

Change8 re-activated a project to upgrade from IFS 7.5 to Cloud for a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial parts.

The team successfully implemented IFS Cloud within eight months and the client achieved a stable state within a week of go-live.

By establishing a technical service you will build the technical mechanism you need to support the full IFS adoption, this includes the processes that you need, the rules and standards, and principals for making technical changes.

It will establish the relationships between your business, IT, & IFS team, a mechanism for knowledge transfer, plus a way to evaluate the overall performance of that function.

This is a critical foundation stone that holds the weight of the project, get this right and you will benefit for years to come in a repeatable process

Moving to Cloud

The IFS Technical landscape is changing

IFS has opened its code base to enable easier customisations, and added open APIs to integrate with complementary software. 

You need a technical delivery team that understands the system impact and offers a robust delivery process.

Good technical delivery
begins with change impact analysis

Involve your technical team in business process design, to review how to make the IFS product work for the business.

They can standardise code, introduce templates and reduce unnecessary risk and expensive re-work later in the project.

How to work with our senior
development team

A great person

A senior developer with
years of experience will land
and make an immediate
impact, deal with complex
CRIMs, raise the bar and
knowledge transfer to your
team for a temporary fixed
period of time

A great team

A senior developer plus an
appropriate dial up and
down development team
with a mix of mid and junior
talent will support your
requirements for analysis &
support, and for testing
and deployment

A great service

Change8 can manage your
CRIMs as a service, we will
capture the requirements
and project manage your
CRIMs to give you the
assurance you need and
time to focus on your

Your senior IFS technical delivery team

Change8 Founder Rohana Nagodavithana is one of the foremost IFS experts working in the UK and Ireland.

He leads an elite team of former IFS R&D Internationals with profound experience working with IFS customers worldwide.

Rohana Nagodavithana
Technical Solution Architect

22 years
Time at IFS
14 years

Rohana’s deep technical expertise and experiencing supporting large scale IFS customers was fundamental to the success of the UK’s first IFS Cloud implementation.

Manoj Ruwanhewa

Senior Technical Consultant

13 years
Time at IFS
11 years

Manoj built his expertise in IFS Cloud and Apps 10 working with Change8’s global customers in manufacturing, food production, FMCG, and energy industries.

Madhuranga Mudannayake

Lead Technical Consultant

14 years
Time at IFS
5 years

Madhu has worked as a Consultant with IFS customers in Europe, Africa and Asia. He is an IFS certified developer and specialist in the IFS tech stack.
Madhu enjoys talking with people to help them understand what they really need.

Banuka Perera

Technical Consultant

7 years
Time at IFS
4 years

Banuka is an IFS Technical Consultant with experience in the manufacturing and supply chain domain, including ERP Support and Development.

Roshanga Kulathunga
Lead Technical Consultant

15 years
Time at IFS
12 years

Roshanga was the lead technical consultant on the Best Implementation of IFS Cloud at Flamingo Flowers Ltd, working in partnership with Change8, won the award at IFS Connect UK & Ireland 2024.

Charith Handagama

Senior Technical Consultant

15 years
Time at IFS
13 years

Charith specialises in data migration, customisation development for IFS Cloud, integration development (OData/ Boomi/ REST) and delivery release. He loves working with people and finds it incredibly rewarding to help businesses thrive.

Roshan Rajeewa

Senior Technical Consultant

25 years
Time at IFS
21 years

Roshan has vast experience in global, multi-site industry planning, implementing and maintaining infrastructure solutions, process automation for R&D teams and developing ERP software through the entire lifecycle including localizations and extensions.

From The Team

Flamingo Flowers Ltd implemented IFS Cloud in six months with help from Change8

The team delivered a complex technical upgrade from IFS 9 to Cloud with zero impact on key performance metrics during the system transition.

IFS Apps 9: upgrade to Cloud or go to Apps 10 first?

Lots of IFS customers are considering the move to Cloud. For customers of Apps 9 there’s been a question over whether to move to Apps 10 first, to get used to the new look and feel of Aurena before the bigger move to Cloud.

What is the capability shock in IFS ERP projects?

The J curve explains the capability shock of IFS ERP implementations.  It’s a useful tool for ERP leaders to understand the process and manage both the board’s expectations and wider business communications.  

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