UK’s first IFS Cloud implementation goes live

27th June 2022 – Full-service IFS consultancy, Change8, has completed the UK’s first ever IFS Cloud implementation. The Manchester based consultancy carried out the successful project for a leading UK manufacturing business. And, unusually for a software implementation, the client was in a stable state within just a week of going live with the much-lauded new cloud-enabled ERP product.

Change8 was called upon in early autumn 2021 to rescue the manufacturer’s upgrade from IFS Apps 7.5 to IFS Cloud. The client was looking for a higher level of support than it received from its previous partner. It sought Change8’s technical expertise to steer the upgrade in the right direction. After taking the helm, Change8 worked closely with the manufacturing business to prepare the company for IFS Cloud. The client went live with the enterprise software giant’s latest product in early June 2022.

Jon Allen, Project Delivery Director for Change8, said:

“The Change8 team pulled together to turn the upgrade around for our client – and complete the UK’s first ever IFS Cloud implementation. The project is even more significant because we’re not an official partner of IFS. And that independence means our clients can benefit from our unbiased IFS expertise.”

The manufacturing business had already been using IFS products for several years and wanted to upgrade to the global software provider’s latest release.

Jon said:

“It was an in-field, lift-and-shift project from Apps 7.5 to IFS Cloud for our new client. The company chose us because they needed a new partner with the technical knowhow to overcome any issues the project might encounter and to make sure their own team were ready for the new software.”

“After go-live, we had a wrap-up meeting at the end of the first week where everyone was happy across the board. The company was in a stable state by the end of week one, which is pretty unheard of in this industry. Of course, there were hiccups in the course of the upgrade, which we dealt with, but it’s testament to the hard work and capabilities of the whole team that the implementation wasn’t bumpier. In fact, we cleared more than 100 support tickets in the first week – an impressive feat to clear these so quickly.”

“And while Change8 is a relatively new company, it brings together the long-established IFS knowhow of Gtech Group with the business change and technology experience of Fluid. We’re now looking forward to delivering more projects for our clients in a range of sectors, from manufacturing and construction to aerospace and defence.”

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Notes to Editors:
About Change8 –
Change8 was established in 2021 to offer businesses a complete service that starts before and goes far beyond IFS ERP implementation. The company takes a holistic approach to the enterprise software process by delivering the project and all the business value IFS was selected to provide.

About IFS Cloud –
Released in 2021, IFS Cloud is a single technology platform with one common user experience, one data model, and one consistent support offering.
It brings all IFS’s industry capabilities and functionality depth together on a single API-based platform, delivering the end-to-end capabilities a company needs to co-ordinate its customers, people, and assets. IFS Cloud offers simplicity, choice and innovation to organisations that need to evolve to new business models, control costs, expand faster and serve their customers better. By implementing IFS Cloud, companies can easily scale and simply switch on new functionality.

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