Change8 delivers UK’s first IFS Cloud implementation

Change8 re-activated a project to upgrade from IFS 7.5 to Cloud for a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial parts. The team successfully implemented IFS Cloud within eight months and the client achieved a stable state within a week of go-live. Change8’s profound IFS expertise, independent status and holistic approach were vital to delivering the business value in IFS Cloud.

“We received amazing feedback. We had a wrap-up meeting at the end of the first week after go-live, and everyone was happy. The client was pleased we’d got the upgrade over the line and stable by the end of week one.”

Jon Allen, Project Delivery Director

The upgrade from Apps 7.5 to IFS Cloud

The manufacturer had been reliant on Apps 7.5 for nearly ten years and the cost of maintaining the static solution was becoming prohibitive. The business saw an opportunity to optimise processes and build new capabilities with the move to the IFS Cloud platform.

The upgrade required a re-implementation to lift and shift all their current reporting, security and customisations. The business had been working with an IFS Partner but lacked the internal technical skills to leverage the value offered by the new IFS product. They needed an independent partner who would advocate for and support their business.

“I’m extremely proud of the whole team for turning the upgrade around for our customer and completing the UK’s first IFS Cloud implementation. It proves the potential for Change8 to deliver projects better than official IFS partners.

As well as our IFS know-how, the wider Change8 team have expertise in business change and change management. We offer a complete end-to-end service.”

Jon Allen, Project Delivery Director

Change8 rescues the failing implementation

The project was already in flight and stalling when Change8 came on board. The manufacturer lacked the technical expertise and project-management capacity to deliver the business value in IFS Cloud and Change8 stepped in to work remotely as part of their team. Change8 took responsibility for delivering the lift and shift with the right level of support to the business.

“The client had one complex modification in 7.5, and we enhanced and improved the capabilities of that modification in IFS Cloud. The rest of the solution was pretty much out of the box, with a few minor modifications.”

Jon Allen, Project Delivery Director

Change8 used Boomi to build interfaces into the manufacturer’s external systems. The Integration Platform as a Service (IPaas) provider is a secure and reliable cloud integration solution.

The manufacturer had been working with an IFS partner who had given a set number of days to upskill the client’s team with the new IFS version. But because the client had no internal technical skills in IFS, this wasn’t enough time for them to get ready for the change.

“They’d planned an unrealistic deadline. I was upfront and explained it would take more time to prepare and make sure the project was carried out properly.”

Jon Allen, Project Delivery Director

Successful implementation and a stable state

The business achieved a seamless transition to IFS Cloud and was stable within the first week of go-live. The Change8 team successfully implemented Cloud within eight months of coming on board. The client was delighted by the full service offering from Change8, including comprehensive business engagement and business change management as well as system implementation.

IFS Cloud is a more self-service product

IFS Cloud is a single platform that delivers solutions across service management, enterprise resource planning and enterprise asset management. Businesses can deploy the product from the IFS cloud, or run pre-packaged IFS Cloud software remotely from their own platform, whether cloud or on-premise.

IFS Cloud delivers the full spectrum of IFS capabilities across customer relationship management, manufacturing, finance, human resources, commerce, procurement, supply chain, projects, service and asset management and aviation maintenance. Customers start with the functionality they need and deploy more capabilities as their business changes and grows.

“It’s much more of a self-service approach, compared to relying on IFS’s technical team. Users can do modifications themselves and, while there will be concern around that, it’s relatively low risk if you have the technical abilities. And if not, we can help.”

Jon Allen, Project Delivery Director

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