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IFS Apps 9: upgrade to Cloud or go to Apps 10 first?

Lots of IFS customers are considering the move to Cloud. For customers of Apps 9 there’s been a question over whether to move to Apps 10 first, to get used to the new look and feel of Aurena before the bigger move to Cloud.

What is the capability shock in IFS ERP projects?

The J curve explains the capability shock of IFS ERP implementations.  It’s a useful tool for ERP leaders to understand the process and manage both the board’s expectations and wider business communications.  

Good service delivery is critical to your IFS ERP project

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system like IFS is wide-reaching and you need a strong service delivery function to underpin it.
That means getting the right people involved early in the programme that implements the ERP.

Proper business analysis, talent management and why I’m in love with Visio

A lot of business analysis, process engineering and change management tends to fall on people within the company.

The art of IFS ERP programme assurance: when to compromise and when to hold the line

IFS ERP implementations are complex projects with competing demands made daily on project managers.

Eight early warning signs your IFS ERP project is in trouble

Adrian Radue is a project manager, transformation leader and strategist who is skilled at bringing about business change.

The risks of using outdated software

It’s not unusual for software companies to reduce or even remove support for their legacy ERP systems or other outdated software. 

IFS Cloud: is it worth doing now?

The move to IFS Cloud is a big business change. Whether it’s a technical uplift or a re-implementation programme, going onto IFS Cloud requires investment in people as well as the financial cost of delivery.

Why upgrade to IFS Cloud?

Following Change8’s delivery of the UK’s first IFS Cloud implementation, we catch up with Technical Director Rohana Nagodavithana

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